"My work involves long hours sitting at a desk causing tightness through my shoulders and neck resulting in poor posture and headaches. Cameron has been able to pinpoint the areas that need to be released and I always leave R&R Massage feeling energized and headache free." Anissa

"A firm and thorough deep tissue massage, really working on the problem areas with enough pressure. Not only relaxing but useful corrective techniques were applied to ease built up tension, which has really made a difference." Brad

"I suffered an injury to my lower back at work. In conjunction with chiropractic and Cameron's remedial massage treatments I have noted an improvement in my lower back and the range of movement. Cameron was very thorough in his assessment of my injury and always has time to explain what is going on. His understanding of my problem immediately put me at ease and his treatment relieved my pain. I continue to see him regularly and find him reliable, trustworthy and a true professional." Tony

"I came to Cameron with a sore right shoulder which was stopping me from doing daily tasks. Within 3 treatments he had me moving more freely and achieving those everyday tasks. He also gave me some exercises and stretches to keep my muscles loose and I now see him monthly to keep the aches and pain at bay." Gina

I have suffered for a period of years with muscle tightness under my left shoulder blade giving me severe mid thoracic back pain. I have seen several therapists and thought I was onto a good one as she was able to provide me with temporary relief (few weeks). However, Cameron is the first practitioner to be able to completely release my muscle pain in one session and it has not returned after over a year. Cameron's thorough assessment and understanding of anatomy combined with his incorporated techniques allow him to achieve outstanding results. I thoroughly recommend Cameron! Jill